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  • Charlie [IF]bf5e9d6abab80206a4ce5ad553dac2ca.webp?size=22&quality=losslessheute um 18:01 Uhr

    @everyone We have released

    Firefly 1.5.0.

    This build introduces some nice changes which include: Assembly staking, a UX overhaul for swapping between wallets and viewing your assets, UX changes to the navigation and a number of other bug fixes and improvements.

    Download with the in app updater on Mac/Linux or from here on Windows:

    Full release notes:…eleases/tag/desktop-1.5.0

    Happy staking! 🧙‍♂️

    - feat: update staking to support new Assembly staking event - feat: update UX to switch between wallet - feat: display an overview of assets per wallet
    - feat: update wallet navigation and topbar
    - feat: add global back button - enhancement: improve transaction history UX and UI - fix: ledger migration - fix: error message when leaving dust - fix: occasional error when restoring a profile - fix: ignore unimportant network errors
    - chore: refactor app router - enhancement: replace IBM Plex Mono font with Fira Mono - enhancement: improve wallet naming consistency
    - enhancement: improve balance finder UX and wording - enhancement: update using developer profile alert 
    - enhancement: minor UI, text, UX and bug fixes 
    Fixes #1181, #1925, #2123, #2201, #2560, #2782

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