IOTA stuck in older firefly can not shift to new latest Wallet.

  • Hi all ,great to have forum for issues. Have spent many hours trying to rescue my IOTA in firefly. Shift send to address generated in new account Firefly wallet which is identified with firefly wallet recovery kit . Good news I can log into firefly account version 2.0.3 and see iota stored. Bad news there is no backup phrase to restore account. I go to send iota to new account address , when prompted to log into ledger live ,add 8 digit password ,get in and can see iota account in there, but it will not transact and send. On desktop in ledger live there is no visual iota account to see. You can try to add account IOTA binance smart chain which does not work and is another network I assume not even related to what I am trying to do here. Bottom line here I can not send assets even when can log into account, very annoying and expensive loss of funds. Continual changes and networks make storing this hard. PS when I set up ledger ,guarda ,trezor accounts back up keys were saved. I can not recall doing this with old firfly account setup,as ledger was used to access account.

    Thanks Robert from Australia.

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